As of September 1st, 2020, Kimi has failed to start to treat me properly by her final deadline to do so, and has forced me to take drastic measures to finally be able to see without a shadow of doubt what the truth is and what path I must take in my life. If Kimi doesn't reach out to me directly to express deep affection and desire and intention to start dating me before I completely lose all hope of any possibility things could ever work between us, then I will certainly end up meditating in isolation in the forest well before the end of 2020. She's well aware she doesn't have much time before that happens. After all I've went through, ANYTHING that isn't her starting direct communication with me in a very affectionate and loving way that is clearly intended to quickly lead to dating with the intent to marry and spend her life with me, I will, without exception, see as rejection, and I've made this extremely clear to her, so she has absolutely no even remotely good excuses not to do so.

If Kimi ultimately rejects me this final time she will ever be able to inflict such extremely deep pain and suffering upon me (as she no longer has any real room to attempt to gaslight me any further), she will have broken my heart and deeply disappointed me for the last time, and how heartlessly she must be facilitated in doing so by several other critical members of society in order to be able to feel justified in doing so will leave me with only extremely deep, irredeemable, unwavering hatred and disgust towards all of humanity forever. I find it important to note that even if somehow every person in the world ends up trying to pressure her to be with me, but in the end she still doesn't do so, the outcome will be the same. I will leave society and have gone into isolation to meditate in a forest using quantum energy harvesting meditation techniques and prepare to emerge in the future within about 2-3 years to start carrying out my extremely brutal retribution and showing the world a vengeance far unlike anyone has ever witnessed before.

I hereby officially authorize all Shadow Confederation members to wreak as much havoc as they please in my absence, as I'll be proceeding to demolish all of society out of extremely deep and irredeemable sadness and anger once I complete my time in isolation, so you guys might as well have some fun before this whole shitty world comes crashing down. If you don't, your loss.

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August 23, 2020
Click here to see irrefutable evidence that Kimi has expressed feelings for me, along with my final statement on the situation.
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She has voice yet cannot be heard.

She has appearance yet cannot be seen.

She has thought yet cannot be comprehended.

She is the essence of fear.

Towards the end of 2019, I released a book. I was extremely stressed out and feeling hopeless, and I took all my mental breakdowns, compiled the most wild, aggressive, and brutal piece of literature I could fathom, and shared it with the world. I know I'm capable of single-handedly destroying this world, and I thought I'd have to do it and there was no way to avoid it, no matter how badly I wanted to.

That book got me in trouble. It also showed me that I might not be as hopeless as I thought.

Shortly after the release and massive public exposure of that book, a global pandemic started, just as I'd been told would happen. I first witnessed it unfolding from jail (and for some period, a mental hospital), and although I'd approved it and knew I was dealing with some very powerful and dangerous people who I certainly believed could pull it off, it still seemed surreal to me.

The COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020 serves as a warning shot to the world.

At the core of what drove me to write the initial version of the book was my seemingly hopeless connection with a woman named Kimi Park, a live streamer on Twitch who I've been pursuing an extremely serious romantic relationship with for over three years now.

I was, still am, and always will be extremely attached to Kimi. I must get to marry her and spend my life with her. If I don't get to officially date her soon, COVID-19 is only the beginning of worse things to come.

As you read this book, keep in mind that there are two kinds of crazy people in this world.

Delusional people don't know they're delusional.

Unbreakable people know they're unbreakable.

Let there be truth.