» My final statement, which provides more information on why I'm currently doing quantum energy harvesting meditation intensely in isolation in preparation for an extremely brutal retribution.

Honorary Mentions

Throughout my journey, there have been a few individuals who had a positive impact in my life in a very real way.

For the ones that interacted with me, although they may have not exactly painted me in the best light, they didn't seem to harbor malicious intent and still were ultimately helpful and kind enough to me to earn my respect.

For the ones that perhaps didn't even necessarily have much if any direct interaction with me, they must've still had some really significant impact in my life that makes me very grateful they exist.

Kimi Park AKA "AngelsKimi"/"Plushys"

I know you haven't just forgotten how I came into your life at a time when you still felt uncertain if the whole streaming thing could even really work out for you long-term as a career. From the first time I talked to you, back at that janky laptop stream on Jaime's channel, I could tell you felt something towards me.

After giving talking to you in your channel a shot a few months later, you decided to fly out to Toronto, a place you'd already recently been to for a meetup before I joined your community, for the second time within 3 months for another meetup, the first and only time you've ever done such a thing in your entire career. Not even a few hours after we first met, all I could think about was how dreamy you were and how much attraction you had shown towards me, even going so far as to tell me you'd never forget me, and I already didn't care if I made myself look like a complete idiot tweeting at you confessing my love for you and sharing it with Jaime's Discord.

I kept trying even though you told me nothing would ever happen. I made you feel so special and wanted and inspired you and excited you at a time when you still weren't over your ex and felt like a complete mess between being uncertain of your future career prospects and feeling lost, abandoned, and hopeless in your romantic prospects.

I'd watch every single stream you had and actively chat every time, feeling really happy to be able to communicate with you and wanting to always do my best to give you that energy and vibe. I'd have interesting conversations with people in your Discord often, and we both knew you were watching everything I'd say with excitement.

I'm the reason you felt confident enough to start messing around with random guys in public, because I changed my Twitch username to AngelsShatteredWings within like a month after meeting you and starting to DM you, and made us look like something, and even though you could see that very clearly, you never asked me to change it and you knew you loved it and you owned it.

I'm what pushed you to feel confident enough to try making a streamer house that ended up being Just Friends, even if it was so spontaneous that it fell apart after a few months.

I'm the reason you've went through so much personal growth and you look at life so much differently than you did 3 years ago, with all my walls after walls of text I've sent you, constantly pouring out my heart to you with all the emotion I have and trying to teach and inspire you with all the knowledge I could find relevance to share every step of the way.

I know it must've made you feel some type of way when you saw how eager I was to jump back into your life right after seeing you have even just one mental breakdown like 2 years ago because you missed me, and I know I've made you feel some type of way by still being able to touch you so deeply even while having really broken communication with you for the past 2 years.

I've captured and tried so hard to maintain your attention for the past 3 years that until I turned myself in and went to jail towards the very end of last year, you'd be starting off pretty much every single stream with music inspired by your thoughts towards our connection and often extending that throughout much of the stream. Even until now, I've constantly inspired dialogues you've had in general about topics on stream that in total have amounted to countless hours of conversation and content.

To top it all off, if we were official, I'd put you in a position of queen status that nobody else could ever put you in, and I'd do it while making you feel so loved in a way that nobody else could ever make you feel.

I love you so much that even the possibility of ever losing you worries me a lot and I just know I always need to do my best to show you I'll never be able to accept that happening, which was the reasoning I was following to decide it was necessary to say some pretty harsh and sometimes even dark things to you at certain points, but at this point, that kind of stuff would be very stupid to include and would only sabotage my connection with you, which I want to make as clear as possible isn't what I'm going for here.

You're ultimately the reason I even cared to write a book, and for better or worse, I'll love you forever and need you in my life forever or I know I'll start heading down a destructive path and ultimately the world will be destroyed.

You're special.

Nathan John Feuerstein AKA "NF"

Easily by far the best rapper in the world in my opinion, this man's music gives me life.

While our struggles in life haven't been exactly the same, I can relate to a lot of what he's been through and his music hits me in a very deep place inside.

Extremely inspiring, motivating, and a very powerful presence in my life daily unlike any other. I literally listen to his music every day. The raw emotion, depth, and power is fucking amazing. He's the rapper I wish I could be but I never was passionate enough about making music to become. I can't describe how I feel when I listen to his music beyond it gives me life.

He made me fully able to embrace my individuality and demonstrate to me very clearly how the savage nature of refined pure bidirectional apprehension as a core value can be presented in great glory.

He's one of the extremely few individuals that I've never even interacted with before but suspect might have a core value of refined pure bidirectional apprehension already.

I know he has his own issues he still struggles with like OCD. I know he likes deep thought and dialogue. I hope that he reads this book and perhaps it makes him feel a little more enlightened and eases some the fears, anxiety, tension, and sadness that I'm sure he feels in his heart.

God bless you, dude.

Massive respect for this guy. Massive.

"John Chang"

This man was a truly inspiring figure in my life.

At a time when I was really losing hope in life, his existence and his boldness to express his presence and abilities sparked a flame in me that will never burn out.

Seeing him demonstrating tier 1 quantum energy arts was what inspired me to do extensive research and work through a lot of information combined with my understanding of philopsychology to form the complete understanding of tier 3 quantum energy harvesting that forms the foundation of my ultimate authority power assertion presented within this book.

May he reach tier 2 after he reads this book.

David Goggins

This man's story is truly inspiring.

I was originally exposed to him through his episode on "Impact Theory", which I've watched multiple times since.

His extremely strong willpower and unique perspective combined with his story makes him one of the very few people that really solidified my view of the sheer power of the human spirit being able to elevate oneself to a position of unfathomable greatness.

You're a beast, dude. Props.

Christian Hudson

This man, while not achieving supernatural abilities from the quantum field, has achieved supernatural abilities in his own way.

In the field of social interaction.

Founder of "The Social Man", he's the reason I learned the fundamentals of value systems and was able to ruminate on them ever since to greatly increase the quality of my life.

Thank you.

Leslie Fu AKA "Fuslie"

This girl was a lot more patient and helpful than I thought she'd be.

After Kimi and I initially started growing distant and then she randomly had a mental breakdown on stream one day and nearly started crying talking about how she needed motivational videos to get out of bed in the morning because she pushed me away, Leslie was the one I reached out to in order to try to establish a connection with Kimi again.

I sent her several long messages, throughout a period of several months amounting to nearly a year, and she put up with me a lot longer than I ever thought she would.

There were several points where I was really worried she'd block me but she didn't.

It wasn't until she saw I was very serious about calling Kimi out on Ice's stream that she got freaked out and didn't want to feel like she was encouraging me to do it, so she blocked me; something I can totally understand and don't hold against her.

I'll always really appreciate the massive help she was to bring me and Kimi closer together.

Mickey AKA "mickeye4497"

This dude was the closest thing to a friend I've had for a long time, ever since he first reached out to me.

He reached out shortly after Leslie blocked me, basically to take over her role as the messenger passing on my long messages to Kimi, to try to help work through our situation.

He's also been very patient with me, and to this day still hasn't blocked me.

Just like Leslie, I'll always really appreciate the massive help he was to bring me and Kimi closer together.

Much respect, dude.

Paul Denino AKA "Ice Poseidon"

I've met Paul in real life on three separate occasions and each time was interesting and fun.

While I interacted with him, he was a lot more welcoming and accepting than he had to be, and although he didn't exactly paint me in the best light, he still gave me enough respect to straight up interview me on two separate occasions on stream and help me progress towards my goals in the best way he realistically could.

If I'd approached him initially in a different way and presented myself as less of someone completely engulfed in my connection with Kimi and more as simply a hardcore fan of his, I'm quite certain I could've had even more pleasant interactions with him on every occasion.

Additionally, since he was still running the CX Network and randomly giving people the opportunity to grow a following through his fan base using his website at the time I met him for the first time, once again if I had presented myself as more of simply a hardcore fan, I'm quite certain I'd even be given an opportunity to be a member of the CX Network while he was still running it and accepting random people into it and helping them to effectively instantly establish a following and community, which was an extremely valuable opportunity that nobody else in the world was offering, and it would've been a perfect opportunity to initially establish myself and start a profitable streaming career.

Although I didn't take advantage of the opportunity because establishing an extremely deep and loving connection with Kimi for the rest of our lives was my number one priority, I still have immense respect and appreciation towards the guy for ever having had the opportunity available in the first place.

The first time I met him, I literally straight up walked into his house and barged into his room in the middle of a stream, and although he was understandably frightened and reached for his knife and taser after a little while, he was still considerably chill overall and gave me nearly an hour of time on his stream to go off and get out what I needed to say, making my trip to LA in order to be able to do so completely worth it.

Additionally, the exposure he allowed me to have also allowed me to earn Kimi several followers from his community, which gives me another positive piece of value I've provided in Kimi's life that would further facilitate her having warmer feelings for me, for which I'm certainly grateful.

You did what you could. You helped. I respect you, dude. Thanks.

Austin Kassabian AKA "TheRealAK"/"AK"

This dude seems like a real down-to-earth guy that's humble but also not afraid to snap and go off if you're gonna disrespect.

He's made some tracks that I really like, and that's certainly helped keep me inspired through hard times, but he's also on this list because he was the first person with at least some significant degree of influence that actually gave me straight up attention and respect.

I tweeted at him telling him that I believe he has a pure bidirectional apprehension variant as his core value and he retweeted it.

It's not a huge deal by any means, and it's not like it got my numbers up at all or anything, but it was more the sense of genuine respect and worthy recognition that he decided I deserved, when nobody else wanted to give it to me, that makes me feel like this guy's a real homie.

You a real one.