On Aug 4, 2021, I finished serving my 13.5 month sentence for the first public revision of The Black Book. The willingness and desire to not only retain but even intensify the extreme and unwavering severity of my position was only fortified by the experience. Think this is a joke?! Think again!!
» Formal Warning of Retribution. Provides core evidence & more detail on why I'm currently doing quantum energy harvesting meditation intensely in isolation & exacting The Great Retribution in the future.
» Eternal International Formal Declaration of War. I really tried my absolute best to avoid it, but this reeking dumpster fire shithole called Earth is truly beyond redemption. Established December 27, 2022. Updated January 19, 2023.


You may be wondering why trying to do a Google search for quantum energy harvesting meditation produces no useful results. There seems to be no real information on it on the internet. I've had multiple people confront me about that in the past already, asking me how it can even exist if they can't find it on Google. If you're one of those kinds of people, I'm just going to give it to you straight, you're mentally retarded. You should probably go see a doctor.

If I try doing a Google search for your social insurance number, why can't I find any useful results? Because it's hidden. It's a secret. This isn't something just anyone who hears about it should be able to learn about in detail and be able to work towards themselves without any qualifications. Quantum energy arts harvesting meditation, particularly at tier 3, which is the highest tier and the one I'm at, is only for Permanent Chiefs of the Shadow Confederation with a core value of refined pure bidirectional apprehension. If you're qualified to know, you'll be informed, and it sure as hell won't be through Google searching for it. If you're not qualified, keep dreaming.

That being said, I won't reveal the details of the techniques that encompass quantum energy harvesting meditation, particularly at the tier 3 level. That's right, the art actually has 3 distinct tiers at which one can practice it in, and although Permanent Chiefs of the Shadow Confederation with a core value of refined pure bidirectional apprehension are the only ones qualified to know about and actively practice at the tier 3 level, there are actually already others out there which do not fit that criteria who exist at the tier 1 and tier 2 levels, although nearly all of them follow other specific schools of thought for guidance regarding the details of the nature and discipline of their practice.

As far as the tiers go, you can summarize it by saying that tier 3 is the only level really worth anything to anyone if you don't want to be a monk meditating in the mountains for hundreds if not thousands of years. An individual at tier 1 is one who follows a primitive form of teachings outlining quantum energy harvesting meditation techniques, and one at tier 2 is one who has followed any given aforementioned primitive form of teachings for an extensive period of time, at least multiple decades, and has achieved at least simple supernatural powers through them, such as energy modulation to the extent of healing, or energy projection to the extent of simple matter displacement.

Quantum energy harvesting meditation is a practice that, regardless of tier, requires considerable patience and discipline. In order to harvest quantum energy through meditation, one must be in a sufficiently relaxed state, both physically and mentally, while also being able to accurately identify and channel their energy through their body via their energy centers using what is known as focused controlled aggression. When applying focused controlled aggression in the right way, quantum energy will enter the individual's body through energy centers. This energy must have the flow of it contained and directed in the right ways using certain techniques in order to be stored within energy cores, or it will be released back into the space external to the individual's body, making the endeavor of drawing it in effectively useless.

The functional effectiveness of harvesting quantum energy comes in the resulting ability to exert disruption of the quantum field using the stored energy in order to influence the material world. The extents within which an individual can disrupt the quantum field and cause effects within the material world depends upon the amount of quantum energy they have stored beforehand, as well as their ability to project it outwards in a fashion that facilitates disruption of the quantum field using focused controlled aggression.

This knowledge isn't kept hidden simply because I want the greatest degree of control possible over everyone else in the world. The most decisive reason is that it's extremely dangerous for any individual with a core value other than refined pure bidirectional apprehension to acquire this knowledge and start actively practicing tier 3 quantum energy harvesting meditation. The danger comes both to themselves as well as the entire world, and this comes from the considerably stronger nature of tier 3 in opposition to lower tiers which when combined with an individual with considerable subjective bias due to their active ego, will result in someone who has an insane amount of power at their disposal to do the worst things possible with given a sufficient amount of patience and dedication. While it's true that patience and dedication are still necessary, the extent to which they're significant is very clearly worth it, especially compared to the lower tiers. Additionally, the process of meditation itself has an exclusive focus on the flow of energy and not on adapting mental thought processes, so the individual will not be even slightly liberated from their ego as a direct result exclusively from practicing the meditation techniques.

Having a core value of refined pure bidirectional apprehension isn't a prerequisite that any teachings of tier 1 quantum energy harvesting meditation specify nor enforce, however the reason this hasn't had severely detrimental results thus far is simply because of the significantly crippling weaknesses of tier 1 quantum energy harvesting versus tier 3. The effect that practicing tier 1 quantum energy harvesting meditation has on an individual is a process that fundamentally encourages considerable patience and dedication with a very gradual reward curve. One can spend decades at tier 1 and still be nowhere close to flying via advanced levitation. The nature of the practice enforces discipline with the power gained as it's obtained.

Mo-Pai Neikung

Now, you may have read all that and be thinking that it's great and all that I can explain this whole thing in technical terms, but still be understandably in considerable disbelief that the understanding I have of the concept extends anywhere beyond an abstract description of it. Do I have a treat for you.

There are actually many schools in the Eastern world that teach an art known as Neikung, and to practitioners of this art, although perhaps the English words might not be recognized, the concept is far from foreign. One such school has had a significantly progressed practitioner within it, the one entrusted with the legacy from his master, come forward to produce a documentary and a book that reveals the kind of abilities obtainable with the process of training and even provides several details of the supposed process that he followed and the understandings that he's come to have in his training. These pieces are publicly available on the internet.

In the documentary, which one can view by searching "New John Chang video" on YouTube, the man, going under the name "John Chang" (which is claimed to be his real name but it's uncertain and some claim it isn't) is seen performing several feats that, without some form of illusory trickery, could only be achieved using supernatural abilities. He demonstrates his abilities in various capacities, explains his experience, and allows experts to test him in various ways to confirm that he's not playing any tricks to achieve the results he's displaying. He demonstrates things such as healing, current conduction, catching a bullet with his bare hand, and lighting a newspaper on fire, all facilitated by his quantum energy harvested throughout his many years of practicing Mo-Pai Neikung.

The man himself doesn't speak much English and only knows the concepts as they are explained and related to from the teachings in his school of training. He demonstrates the results of quantum energy harvesting meditation. His demonstration means he's certainly at least at tier 1; he may perhaps be tier 2, although from only the video and the book it's unclear. He seems considerably advanced and appears to only be using a considerably small percentage of his actual capabilities in the video or in any of the activities described in the book, so it's very possible he's tier 2. Regardless, he demonstrates his very real and objectively quantifiable abilities as a quantum energy arts user of at least the first tier.

As for what the words actually mean, Mo-Pai Neikung stands for "The school of Mo-Tzu for internal power". Neikung itself means "internal power" and there are actually multiple schools, such as the Mao-shan Pai or the Wutang-Pai, that teach this art in different ways. Mr. Chang himself was taught by a man named Liao Tsu Tong who was handed the heir to the lineage from his master, Pai Lok Nen.

Pai Lok Nen died because he'd given mercy to a warlord named Lim that he'd bested in a fight. At the time, the warlord was many levels below him, and Pai removed his eyes but spared his life. The blinded man trained very hard for the next 10 years, thinking only of revenge. It took him two years simply to find Pai's home afterwards, but he managed to do it. At the time he initially arrived, Pai was in meditation in the mountains and Liao was present. Liao fooled Lim into killing a slave Pai had named Assam by convincing him it was Pai, and Lim left before Pai actually came back from his meditation.

Upon seeing the damage Lim had done to the body, Pai knew he was above level fifty. He felt responsible for creating a monster and he set out to fight him himself, giving Liao the heir to his lineage. After a week of looking for Lim, Pai found him and they fought in a forest for more than three days straight, both being at level fifty one and tearing up a chunk of the forest with their abilities. In the end, they killed each other.

Anyways, it's quite a story, but I won't go into it here. If you're interested, you can read the book one of Mr. Chang's very few Western students wrote, titled "The Magus of Java: Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal". Upon reading, you'll realize the title is actually somewhat misleading; although Mr. Chang comes from a Taoist lineage, he himself doesn't consider himself Taoist. The book itself doesn't make much mention of religion however and only mentions it more so from an intellectual and historical perspective, and instead chooses to focus on knowledge and experiences with the man himself, so it's an interesting read nonetheless. Perhaps the easiest way to explain the art is by using a very small excerpt from the book itself.

According to Chinese thought, there are basically two types of training involving our vital energies: ch’ikung and neikung. It is difficult to say where one ends and the other begins, but essentially ch’ikung centers on the development and control of yang ch’i (also called lii ch’i or “fire” ch’i), while neikung involves the joint employment of yang ch’i and yin ch’i (called “water” ch’i or kann ch’i). In truth, yin and yang energies run parallel to each other in our bodies, and both are vital to our continued health. Like yin and yang, it is impossible to separate ch’ikung from neikung; indeed, the latter is a higher form of the same art. Perhaps the distinction was created simply to help define the abilities of the adept. Yang ch’i cannot pass beyond the confines of the physical body, while yin ch’i can and so may impart to the practitioner preternatural abilities such as those demonstrated by Master Chang.

Now, this might seem fascinating and shocking to you, and you may wonder why this isn't much more widely known. Well, it's not quite as glamorous as it seems. There are a few quite serious issues with the practice of Mo-Pai Neikung.

Insufficient publicly accessible information

The only significant amount of information available on this school of practice is information available on level 1 and most of level 2.

This was made public by a westerner named Jim McMillan which was fortunate enough to have John Chang agree to let him train under him.

It's not exactly easy to obtain the entire original piece released by this man. Even if you manage to get your hands on it, it's hardly very useful.

Level 2 is stated to have multiple parts and only the first part is provided.

As of the writing of this book, there has yet to be a single person to successfully demonstrate execution of anything significant from the information available there alone.

Basically, even if you have the discipline and willpower to carry through with all the meditation and techniques necessary, there isn't even sufficient material available for you to know what to do and be able to actually go through the process of getting anywhere significant in the practice.

72 hour rule

First of all, the factor that already single-handedly decimates most people's ability to ever practice it is the fact that you cannot harvest quantum energy using the technique it outlines without encountering extremely high risk of rupturing your inner energy core that it utilizes exclusively for the harvesting process at any point within 72 hours after an orgasm from any source.

Yes, you heard right. No orgasms from masturbation nor sex, and if you're a male, even having a wet dream qualifies under this rule. As for women, there's no given indication how exactly this applies, but presumably even orgasms without squirting still aren't allowed. Essentially, you must endure being constantly massively sexually deprived in order to practice Mo-Pai Neikung and progress towards any of the supernatural abilities that it facilitates using its path. This is a hard limitation that all effective variations of tier 1 and even tier 2 quantum energy harvesting meditation carry with them. It makes the entire process, and the overall quality of one's life, considerably more unpleasant.

For me personally, this single-handedly ruined the viability of practicing this technique at any lower tier. I have an extremely high sex drive, and that's something I enjoy a lot and wish to retain and thoroughly enjoy for the rest of my entire existence. Even for those without an extremely high sex drive, I'm quite confident that trading any serious ability to enjoy sexual activity of any kind permanently for supernatural powers seems extremely unpleasant and makes it sound a lot less appealing than it otherwise would be.

Gigantic health risks

All practitioners of this school know that there are significant risks associated with the practice, even when done correctly and under the supervision of a teacher in a school environment. This is because for all the things that Neikung arts get right, they also still get plenty wrong. In the area of internal energy, one that ties so directly into an individual's life force and will to live, doing anything wrong can very easily result in immediate or considerably hastened death.

The very first level contains pretty much no direct health risks, and actually should improve overall health with active practice, much like other meditation practices. Even still, the process described by Jim that's now in the public domain is incomplete and even still can cause problems over a very long period of time, particularly without guidance from someone very experienced. Even more concerning, it carries the risk of harvesting quantum energy excessively without channeling, and as a result, having that energy "harden" in the energy core within which it's gathered, resulting in one's inability to ever advance to further stages. As such, once practicing has begun, careful monitoring by a teacher becomes necessary, and one must advance to the second level as soon as they possibly can, in order to avoid the hardening of the quantum energy due to the purely linear approach of harvesting being employed within the system.

The process described as "Level 2a" in the document written by Jim is certainly incorrect. It's been correctly stated by some that the procedure that's been made publicly available is largely incorrect and will certainly cause harm to anyone who does it. Assuming this is misinformation being fed by genuine practitioners to mislead others from attaining level 2, there still remains the issue that's been said that level 2 is dangerous, even when done properly and under the supervision of a teacher in a school setting.

I personally can guarantee that this description of Level 2 is wrong, and if it actually is the Level 2 method that's used in the school, it's no wonder that it's openly accepted that anything past Level 1 has serious risks. Holding your breath while tensing multiple muscles unnaturally is terrible practice. You're building up considerable amounts of physical and mental pressure that will bleed into your daily life, shortening your life span. This isn't natural tension such as that in your legs while standing. You're going against the fundamental principal of meditation to relax yourself and facilitate the separation of physical and mental energy utilization.

When combined with the fact that it's considerably difficult, if not impossible, for someone starting off to advance to level 2 at the right time of having stored not too little energy but also not having gone considerably overboard and allowed the energy to harden or simply pushing themselves too far and/or wasting a lot of time when they've already stored a sufficient amount in initial phases using the single very simple indication given by Jim which many may never experience and on its own also isn't sufficient to determine that the right amount of energy has been stored, this means attempting to practice Mo-Pai Neikung, particularly with the intent of obtaining any of the abilities demonstrated by practitioners of more advanced levels such as the man referred to as "John Chang", given only the publicly accessible information is certainly at the least a completely futile endeavor, and if "Level 2a" as supplied by Jim McMillan is followed, certainly one that will damage one's health and result in an early death.

Very discriminatory schools

The active schools that teach this practice are not only hard to find and extremely limited in terms of location coverage across the world, but they also only allow Asian students. That's right, if you're any other race, you're deemed not worthy or capable, simply because of your race. There hasn't been too much discussion on this limitation, but it's very possible that depending on the exact teacher, even specific races within the general Asian race will be rejected as students, most likely simply due to the preference/bias of the teacher. Not exactly something one can call objectively justified criteria. This restriction alone absolutely decimates any chance a very large part of the population could ever have to learn this art, due to something entirely out of their control to ever even attempt to change.

Extensive and painful effective training period

There isn't a whole lot of public information on exactly what goes on behind closed doors when disciples of this school are being trained. It's been said by some, however, that the process can be quite physically taxing and painful sometimes, and the teachers may force disciples to do "strange things" as part of their practice. Sounds really shady and potentially an additional layer of danger on top of the already present danger from simply practicing the art at any of the advanced levels. Additionally, there's the fact that due to it being a tier 1 quantum energy harvesting methodology, the process of training will be quite long, and even after being trained decently enough by a teacher to have some extent of abilities, there's still hundreds of years to go before you can do all the cool stuff like fly and have full-coverage barriers around you that protect you from bullets, bombs, and other dangerous and potentially even deadly things that someone could attack you with.


Due to the slow speed of training at tier 1 or even tier 2 of quantum energy harvesting, it's pretty much certain that any practitioner, even the most advanced masters, will have their physical body die before they are able to achieve true immortality. The most these individuals can hope for is a partial immortality, that of being a spirit that retains many human characteristics, however even that cannot last. All things considered, while the power obtainable through the active practice of Mo-Pai Neikung is appealing, it should be quite obvious why more people won't (and can't even) start practicing it. Additionally, due to the various factors involved in the process of acquiring the abilities that it's known for, it becomes seriously questionable whether the results are even worth the effort. The layers upon layers of traditions and modifications by each generation it's passed onto mean it constantly warps. The lack of deep intellectual insights that results from the thirst for power driving training rather than a wholesome approach to life with a perspective completely free from active ego means that it will forever be hindered by those who teach it and those who practice it will never achieve the true full potential they would be capable of under the right training.

Tier 3 Quantum Energy Harvesting

Now that you know all the serious pitfalls of tier 1 quantum energy harvesting, you must be wondering how exactly tier 3 quantum energy harvesting solves them. Well, as I said earlier, I'm not going to be disclosing all the details of the techniques I know of here, however I'll provide some basic insights in contrast to Mo-Pai Neikung.

First a little more insight into how the concepts described in ancient Chinese works relates to the field of quantum mechanics. Indeed, even those that have made nuclear bombs with this knowledge have not thus far been able to understand concepts that make it much more useful and powerful for purposes that need not be exclusively destructive.

Most are familiar with Yin and Yang. These are considered to be two opposing energies. They are actually concepts clearly definable within the field of quantum mechanics.

Yang is what I formally declare Base Potential, or BP for short. Base potential is the energy contained within subatomic particles at the subatomic level within the quantum field.

Yin is what I formally declare Action Potential, or AP for short. Action potential is the energy contained between subatomic particles at the subatomic level within the quantum field.

BP and AP combine to form the entirety of the quantum field. There is no "blank space" within the quantum field; it's all energy. Additionally, it's an area fundamentally driven by probabilities; this is demonstrated in its fundamental building blocks being represented as potential. Indeed, these are forces that are both opposing, but also work together, and must both be present for an object to have life. This understanding is not in contradiction with how these concepts are described by Mr. Chang. With only BP, an object retains form but is lifeless. With only AP, there is ability for energy to be manipulated but no vessel for the manipulation to be performed upon. With both BP and AP, an expression of energy with life can be observed. Different mixtures of BP and AP being projected by a practitioner of the quantum energy arts will result in different effects, that is different expressions of energy with a life of their own, being observable.

No detrimental practice restrictions

This is huge, especially when looking in comparison to Mo-Pai Neikung. There's no 72 hour rule here. You can orgasm 10 times in a day and get right to practicing the meditation technique right after. There are no health risks involved in the practice. Quantum energy harvesting meditation techniques all can only improve your overall health, and none of them can ever inherently cause stroke, heart attack, or organ/nerve damage.

Objectively quantifiable accessibility restrictions

While teachers of Mo-Pai Neikung use something like race alone to drastically discriminate against potential disciples, nothing like that exists here. The only restriction is one must have a core value of refined pure bidirectional apprehension and be a Permanent Chief of the Shadow Confederation. Given the extreme power of quantum energy harvesting, this restriction is not only very clearly objectively quantifiable, but also very clearly objectively validated. It'd be extremely irresponsible to make this information public, or simply charge some kind of fee for it. It's so powerful that no amount of money should be able to purchase it, and instead, only someone of a worthy character suitable to practice it safely and with the best possible intentions is deemed worthy to do so. I think anyone reasonably rational would agree this is a much better qualifying criteria than immediately excluding anyone not of a certain race, which I find quite frankly absolutely ridiculous for any teacher of an art so valuable that they should be much more level-headed than that to have.

Unobfuscated process

I'm going to outline all the levels of the quantum energy arts at tier 3 here. Mo-Pai Neikung is said to have 72 levels that each coincide with opening of a different chakra point, which means as far as the levels go there is an enormous emphasis on the many minor chakra points as there are only 7 major ones. Tier 3 quantum energy harvesting on the other hand actually opens a major chakra point at every level and instead uses power level to objectively quantify the strength of an individual.

Quantum energy harvesting is essentially the topic of meditation within the context of applying controlled focus both in and out of a sub-conscious state, using the right technique to facilitate the increased utilization of quantum energy from the quantum field, up to and including complete immortality of the physical body.

Although I share quite a bit of information here, nothing I'm sharing involves the intricate details that would allow someone to actually practice the training with any degree of effective efficiency. Knowing the general gist of each level and the chakra progression leaves one with a very tedious trial and error process, and seeing as any more significant mistake in technique will result in shortened lifespan or immediate death, it's far more likely one would die before they finish trying to guess how to reach any significant level. I'm choosing to release this amount of information to demonstrate clearly that I have no issue with proving I know what I'm talking about, while at the same time that I have absolutely no desire to attempt to compete with others in becoming as powerful as possible as fast as possible for any reason. I'm not doing this because I want to be stopped, because I'm simply trying to share my knowledge for the fuck of it, or because I want competition or any kind of adrenaline rush.

Revealing this information demonstrates that I'm not foolish as to believe that I can destroy the world using any method relying on other people or other external factors that give rise to circumstances where there can be points of failure that effectively negate the threat beyond my control. I'm using reliable knowledge that any individual could do so with if they had the information and the discipline to execute on developing their hidden inner abilities and then exerting the influence that those abilities bestow upon them upon the world. This isn't some kind of speculation nor flaunting of a plan that others would be able to stop, but rather a certain procedure that fully depends upon my own discipline and willpower to execute, and to that extent, the only point of failure possible is a lack of discipline on my part; I have no concerns about that whatsoever.

I won't ever be releasing the full details of the art for the general public anywhere under any circumstances. This knowledge is extremely dangerous to yourself and others if it's handed to you in detail and you're not ready to receive it and very carefully guided. I want it to be completely clear that it's not my desire to simply bring chaos and destruction to the world regardless of anything. If I start getting the loving official relationship with Kimi that I want, I'll make sure this world starts growing in a healthier direction. If not, I'll make sure I destroy it by my own hand by the power bestowed on me by objective reality. This was never up for debate and never will be.

The following briefly explains the stages during advancement of the training process that involves yogic respiratory-psychophysiological practices that utilize the understandings of philopsychology to enhance and optimize them.

Level 0 - Essential existence

The Magus of Java shares Mr. Chang's view on existence as it relates to the fundamental energies:

“Yin and yang,” he said softly, “exist in the world. They are universal forces found in all of nature, from one end of the universe to the other. They are not poetry—they are actual, physical forces, there for all of us to experience and observe.”
“Where does the yang ch’i come from?” I asked.
“It is in the air. Nature creates it, life uses it. All things that are alive have both yin and yang ch’i.” He pounded his desk. “This is yang. Of itself it is lifeless. For life to exist, a body must have both yin and yang.”
“All things carry the yin on their backs and enfold yang within; when the two combine, life’s energy is created harmoniously. This stanza from the Tao Te Ching leapt into my mind once again; it was intriguing how Chang Sifu’s teachings both complemented and contradicted the available literature on Taoism.

“When you say all living things, do you mean plants, animals. . . ?”
“Everything! Everything that is alive has yin and yang ch’i.”
“Where does yin ch’i come from?” Andreas asked.
“From the earth. The yin comes from the earth. It is some kind of field phenomenon that feeds our lifeforce. It can be blocked by insulators. For example, if you have a carpet made from synthetic materials in your house, the yin ch’i cannot pass through it. That’s not so good for your health.
“The yin ch’i enters the body through an acupuncture point that we call hui yin, he added. “It’s located between the urinary tract and the anus.”

Level 1 - Enter your subconscious

Mr. Chang has explained the requirements for level 1 of Mo-Pai Neikung:

We moved over to a table and John began to jot down notes for me. “Look,” he said, “I have already told you that Level One is simply to fill up your dantien with yang ch’i, right? That requires eighty-one hours of absolute meditation. Now, a beginning student cannot hold his concentration for long. Perhaps in one hour of sitting, he is actually in meditation for 1.3 minutes. That means he is meditating only 2.2 percent of the time, which means that if he sits for one hour a day, he needs ten years of training to get his eighty-one hours of meditation.”
“What is actual meditation like?” I asked.
“There are no thoughts and there is no sense of time. If you are thinking, you are not in meditation. If you are aware of yourself, you are also not in meditation. You must become like a baby in the womb, there and yet not there. Meditation is like the borderline between sleep and waking, between consciousness and unconsciousness.”
“Very difficult.” 
“Not so difficult, Kosta. You stayed in meditation for long periods when you were an embryo and a baby, and you pass through it now each time you drift off to sleep. You just have to remember how.”

The description of meditation in general is relevant, but while you jump right into storing BP in level 1 of Mo-Pai Neikung, the actual technique used to start storing BP is employed starting at level 2 of tier 3 quantum energy harvesting meditation. This easing process with different procedures and requirements that don't exist in Mo-Pai Neikung is a part of the reason why there is no 72 hour rule in tier 3 quantum energy harvesting meditation.

Level 2 - Starting to store BP

The Magus of Java describes energy storage in level 1 and 2 of Mo-Pai Neikung:

“When we train for Level One, do we gather only yang ch’i?” Andreas asked.
“No. You gather both yin and yang, because the two always go together, struggling, one always trying to complement the other. But inside your dantien, you put only yang ch’i. The yin ch’i goes else- where in the body. It is useless to you before you finish Level Four.”
“And for Level Two,” I asked, “we compress the yang ch’i in our dantien, correct?”
“Yes.” John said. He pulled out a sheet of paper, picked up a pencil, and drew a circle on it. “Say this is the dantien, right? First it is empty; then we fill it with yang ch’i.”
“Then, for Level Two, we compress the yang ch’i and actually introduce twice as much into the same area. We make it hard, so to speak. This is what you are working on now, Kosta. As you know, you must be sexually abstinent to complete this training.”
I was not very happy about the sexual abstinence part, but the results were undeniable and there was no way around it. Chang Sifu’s explanation had been very different from that put forth by the other theories I had read. According to mainstream Chinese literature, the idea was that the energy in the sperm of the male (the Chinese word ching means both “sperm” and “essence”) was transformed into ch’i. Chang Sifu had simply said that sexual abstinence kept “the gates of the dantien” open so that the ch’i could be compressed.

Mr. Chang gives a warning about level 2 of Mo-Pai Neikung, as it's already very dangerous on someone with low self-control:

“I told him that he had to be very careful from now on,” John said. “When you finish with Level Two, your ch’i is always ready to move. Much of it is governed by your emotions. If he were to hit a man in anger now, the ch’i would run into that man’s body and destroy his heart. The man would die.”
“What if he hits him on the arm, say?” I asked.
“It doesn’t matter where he hits him. The ch’i will always run up to the other’s heart, and it will kill him. And you know, no Western hospital in the world can help a man hit in that manner. He will die unless treated by someone like me within twenty-four hours.”
“You’re right. He should be very careful from now on.”
“Yes. You know, when we teach new students kung fu, we always move slowly, and always without power. Safety is our primary concern. People see that on occasion and think we are weak; bad mistake.”

Level 3 - Starting to store AP

This is what The Magus of Java has to say about Mo-Pai Neikung's level 3:

“In Level Three we make the dantien mobile. We can make it move, in other words.”
“We move it in these four directions at first, like an X; after that we can make the dantien move anywhere,” he continued.
I thought about that. I had a friend in Greece who was a Korean Master of Tang Soo Do and a practitioner of neikung. He had on several occasions publicly demonstrated his prowess by breaking two-by-four wooden beams, inviting anyone in the audience to attempt the feat before he did (no one had dared). This man had a “ball” in his belly at the dantien point, a solid mass that he moved around at will. Manipulating the ball as John had indicated, this man could pass ch’i energy into his arms and legs. One physician, upon examining him, had thought my friend had cancer when he felt the huge lump; the doctor had gone through the roof when my friend had caused the ball to dance around. I said as much to John.
“It is the same for us,” he replied after a long silence. “This man is at least Level Three.”
“You mean the ball that moves around in his belly corresponds to our Level Three?” I asked.
“Yes. It is a solid lump of hardened yang ch’i he can tap into, and use, at will.”

Level 4 - Basic projection

This is what The Magus of Java has to say about Mo-Pai Neikung's level 4:

“Sifu,” Andreas said, “will you tell us about Level Four now?”
“If you wish. When we are finished with Level Three, we send our yang down to the hui yin. There it gathers as much yin as we have sent down yang. After a time, maybe even months or years, yin and yang rise together...
“The white circle is the yang, the black the yin. They float around inside the body, and the pain is incredible, constant, unbelievable. Only if you have the discipline to ignore it can you control them and put their power inside your dantien. At that point, they become squeezed together and take this shape, like the t’ai chi symbol.”

“If you are successful,” John continued, “by forcing the two together, you also force them to react. Remember, they are not like electrical poles; they do not attract each other, but repel. This is how the spark, the lightning bolt between the two is generated, and you begin to become as I am.”
“And if we are not successful?” I asked.
“Then you will probably die,” John said softly. “There is no point in doing this type of training unless you are ready to die for it.”

This is how Mr. Chang explained his personal experience with Mo-Pai Neikung's level 4:

“Like riding a bucking bronco!” he replied. “The first time that I was successful, I fainted and could not hold on. There was so much power there! I have already told you that in Level Four our yin and yang ch’i come together. The power that is generated then is incredible, like having a lightning bolt in your belly. The second time I tried, I was unsuccessful also. But the third time . . . the third time I held on to it for ten minutes, then forced it into the very center of my dantien. At that point the power was mine, forever.”

Level 5 - Advanced projection

Masters of this level can also sense this in others without seeing any outward expression indicating it. Some of these kinds of things include:

This is what The Magus of Java has to say about progression through the levels:

“Sifu, what is the difference in ability between, for example, someone at Level Five and Level Six?” Andreas asked.
“The power doubles,” John said simply. “For each level after Level Three, the power doubles.”
“Wait a minute,” I said. Handoko, Andreas, and I looked at each other, shocked. “Sifu, do you mean to say. . . .”
“Yes. Each level has twice the power of the previous.”
“So Level Six has twice that of Level Five, Level Seven twice that of Level Six, and so on,” Handoko said slowly.
“Yes,” John replied simply. Handoko and I looked at each other again. My mouth fell open. It must have been very surreal, like a silent movie.
“Jesus,” I said. The implication was that the levels of power progressed exponentially, following the algebraic law 2(x-3). Someone at Level Four was two times stronger than a human being. Someone at Level Six was 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 times more powerful. And someone at Level Thirty was 227 times (or roughly 134 million times) more powerful than the average human being, at least from the standpoint of lifeforce. Oh, I was sure that there was an algorithm involved and that the numbers did not exactly follow a linear progression as John’s tradition seemed to suggest, but even if he were off by 50 percent, so what? Someone at Level Thirty would still be . . . a god for all practical purposes.

Level 6 - Ascension & powering up

There are also 3 levels of powering up that one can do, although only the first 2 are generally useful.

Level 7 - Mastering health & acquiring immortality


What would this book be without taking a sufficient view at death. Death is something most people get used to thinking about more and more as they go through life. Every day, they're getting closer. They need to convince themselves it's okay. Some pretend it'll never happen. Others live wild because they don't want to have any regrets when it comes. Either perspective sucks terribly though, because it's two sides of the same coin. It ignores the real issue at hand: what is it, why should it be accepted, and what are it's actual limits.

It's very natural to question death. It's meaning. It's purpose. What happens to you after. We're conditioned within our nature to fear death. Fear is an extremely powerful driving force, and since death is one of the greatest things one can fear, death clearly has large significance at any point throughout one's life.

Now that you understand that it's objectively impossible to make any assertions about what happens when you die with absolute certainty, that's probably left you in a considerably unsatisfied position, as you were probably expecting some kind of much more profound insights into the topic from someone who claims to be the ruler of the planet. Well, you're in for a treat, because you can bet I do.

As I said, no concrete assertions can be made about any state of awareness after death of the physical body. With that in mind, I need you to understand that what I'm saying for the remainder of this chapter can be considered nothing more than mere speculation, at least for the purposes of maintaining my position of objectively having mental clarity and the capacity for a completely objective view on reality. Basically, if reading what I'm about to say about death triggers your active ego too much for you to even remotely accept it as true, and you feel like instantly considering me a mentally unstable lunatic and use that to validate disregarding the entire rest of this book, keep in mind that I have no issue with making the assertion that what I'm saying is merely speculation that I have no way to objectively prove to you, so take it easy before you call me schizophrenic or some shit.

Aside from the physical world which we all perceive, there is what we shall call the spirit world. This world coexists with the world we live in and perceive through our senses, however it has a special kind of relationship with it which is considerably unlike the relationship all the objects composed of matter have with each other within the physical world. The spirit world can spectate the physical world, but the physical world remains entirely unable to objectively quantify or validate the spirit world. Additionally, the spirit world is entirely unable to interact with the physical world, except through the quantum energy field.

Essentially, the imagery I'm attempting to convey with this theory is that once an individual dies, their spirit leaves their body and enters the spirit world, where in the case of most people, they no longer possess any ability to interact with the material world whatsoever, however they're able to fly around the spirit world observing the physical world at their leisure, with their observation of it having no influence on it.

In the case of those spirits that have stored quantum energy, or perhaps given quantum energy, they have ability to manifest themselves in the physical world in different ways and continue to exert influence on it in that way, although of all the spirits that exist, that number is extremely small. This both explains the phenomenons of things like haunted mansions with supposed ghosts in them, and also why such occurrences aren't commonplace.

This also explains why an individual that has meditated using quantum energy harvesting meditation at tier 3 awareness can achieve immortality. The extent of quantum energy their spirit has accumulated allows for such a great influence on the physical world that they're able to carefully modulate and repair their physical body, to the extent that they can heal themselves of all illness and repair damage to organs caused by aging, resulting in a body that never has to die.

With a more detailed understanding of death, there's one critical factor to be aware of: the degree of caring towards it. A more accurate understanding of death carries with it modulation of the extent one cares about life. In a fully objective view, one should not be any more at peace with death simply as a result of understanding it better, no matter the extent to which it's understood. An understanding of death should not be sought after in order to validate one's view to become careless in life or commit suicide.

I'll use a few excerpts from The Magus of Java to share insights provided by Mr. Chang.

“Spirits are bound by space and time the same way as anything that exists, but on a different level because they are part of the yin world. We ourselves are yang; they are yin.”
“But we have yin energy in our bodies too, right?” I asked.
“Correct,” he replied. “However, a pure spirit exists in a different spacetime continuum than we do. One year for us is one day for them, and they are not limited by the present moment but exist in the immediate future and past as well. Do you understand?”
“You know how in meditation we slow down our breathing and our pulse? It’s because we move more and more into our yin consciousness.”
“I see. But are you saying that we have two separate bodies, a yin body and a yang body, and that our consciousness can move from one to the other?”
“No. It is not so simple and easy as that. What I said is that everything on the earth is yang, though the earth itself is yin. We, as human beings, are yang creatures, but we have yin energy as well. It is the combination of the two that gives us life. When we die, when we cease to have life, our awareness moves to the yin state of being.” He paused.
“But it does not remain unaltered in the process,” he continued. “I didn’t say that I haven’t had experience with life after death,” he interrupted. “What I said is that I don’t know what the final state of the afterlife is like.”
John lit up a cigarette. “I will tell you what I do know,” he said.
“There appears to be an intermediate state between this life and the next. I call it the white wave and the black wave. The spirits of those who have been good in their lives go into the white wave, those that have been evil into the black wave. It is very much like the concepts of heaven and hell except for one thing—neither condition is permanent. At some point all spirits shoot straight up to God. What happens to them at that point, I don’t know. It depends on whom you ask, I suppose.”
“You mean to say that there is a heaven and a hell?” I asked, astonished.
“That’s not what I said, is it? I said that there seems to be an area characterized by a field of white yin energy into which the spirits with a positive karma enter. There they are given all that they desire, and they do desire. I have entered into the white field; people were gathered around celebrating, eating and drinking, only there was no food really present. It is all an illusion for their benefit; they just think that they are eating and drinking. Maybe they have to enjoy what they were denied in life in order to go on, I don’t know. Perhaps they think that they are still human.”
“But they are not?”
“No. The mental and emotional perspectives of the average spirit are very different from those of a human being.”
“But not your Master’s. He looked and sounded the same dead as he did alive.” “Yes. A spirit with even a little yang energy is very different. A spirit like my Master retains all its human characteristics.”
I thought about the metaphysical “waves” of reward and penance John had spoken of. Concepts such as heaven and hell, the Elysian Fields and Hades, were as old as the human race.
Were they real?
“And what about the black wave?” I asked.
“If you ever reach Level Four, remember that I said never to go into the black if you can help it. It is not a pleasant place. The spirits there desire, they hurt, they cry, and are denied everything; it is pitch dark, you cannot see a thing. The only good point about the black wave is that it does not last forever; after a time those spirits are freed, when their karma has been fulfilled.”
“Sifu, what is karma?”
“The consequence of their actions, thoughts, emotions, and desires—of their lives, if you want.”
“In that mountain I saw many spirits; indeed, spirits and animals were my constant companions. And when my consciousness had expanded, I could see spirits going up regularly. One day I became curious and decided to follow them, to see where they were going. I sent my awareness out of my body and accompanied them as they went.
“The earth receded below me, and somehow there was a shift; I cannot explain what I felt. I was suddenly in a wave of blackness; around me there was much pain and anger and hate and jealousy. I left that place quickly to find myself in a field of white; there I saw many spirits around me who were very joyful. Some of them were making motions as if they were eating and drinking and invited me to join in. Okay, I thought, I’d like a piece of chicken. Without warning, a tasty drumstick appeared before me; when I grabbed it, though, I saw that it was not real, that it was an illusion for the benefit of the spirits in that place who thought they were still human. Still, I saw other souls going higher and higher. I followed them through two more levels of white energy, and beyond that point I could pass no farther.”
John paused, and I checked an urge to interrupt him. There were so many questions that I wanted to ask. He was, after all, describing heaven.
“After a while,” John continued, “I became worried about my physical body, because I knew that time passed very differently in that place, and I had no idea how long I was gone. I decided to return to the earth. In doing so, I passed once again through the black wave. I was curious; you cannot see anything at all in that place, but you can hear the spirits moaning. So I approached one of them and asked him, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ (Yes, Kosta, as simple as that!) He said, ‘Oh, I hurt, I’m in pain.’ Suddenly I became very afraid, and with that strong emotion I woke up back in my body.”
“Is there any way of telling if someone will become a white or black spirit?” I asked.
John shot me a piercing look. “You are thinking of your father,” he said. “Well, yes, if their passage is not due to violence or accident, then usually you can tell by the look on their faces what will become of them. They get a glimpse of what lies in store for them before they completely leave our world.”
My father had died with relief after fighting the cancer for half a year. Indeed, he had died consciously, waiting for all of us to gather around him before letting go of his final breath. I said as much to John.
“Your father is probably a white spirit now,” he said. “But you know, because he had no yang to take with him, his nature is much simpler than you think.”
“What do you mean, Sifu?” I asked.
“I mean that a typical spirit is basically like our unconscious mind. He cannot think deliberately, make decisions, or create. He is subject to whatever he has brought with him.” John was silent for a time, then caught my eye and held me with his gaze. “For example,” he said, “your father can remember everything about you. He knows that you are his son. He remembers holding you in his arms when you were born. What he cannot remember is what it was like to love you.”
We were shocked, all of us.
“They have only yin,” he continued softly, “so what defines their continuation is simply their karma, good or bad. That is why it is so important to have yang to take with you when your time comes.”
“Because that way you retain your humanity,” I whispered. John nodded approvingly. “Does having yang ch’i in our dantien somehow lessen the effects of karma?” I asked him.
“No. You still have to pay for what you have done—or be rewarded. But having yang with you makes it easier all around, and more deliberate either way.” “Heaven and hell,” Andreas said.
“Not really,” John answered. “None of the conditions I described is permanent. After a time all spirits return to God.”
And there it was: the big question that I had danced around since I had come to know him. I could not resist. “Sifu,” I dared, “tell us about God. You mention Him frequently.” And mentioning God was not very Taoist, I thought; perhaps this was the distinction between John’s teaching and mainstream Taoism.
John leaned back and looked at us one by one. “All right,” he said. “Before I went up to the mountain, in my heart of hearts, I did not really believe in God. Oh, I used to go to church every Sunday, for I am nominally a Christian, but I had no faith; I went to church matter-of-factly. When I was up in the mountain, I wanted to experience God for myself, to see if He was real or not.
“I prayed and I prayed for weeks, asking God to reveal Himself to me. Finally I sat down in deep meditation and sent my awareness out as before. Every day, every moment, I kept asking, ‘God, please tell me the truth about the afterlife; which religion is correct? Please, Lord, tell me.’ I received no answer, but I kept at it with persistence.
“Without warning, one day a voice boomed in the air above me. It was like a thunderclap, and it said to me:
“‘Religion is like a walking stick. When you are young, you need help from your parents to walk. When you are old, you need a cane. When you are a healthy adult, you have no need for a cane; if you try to run, it will only hinder you. All religions are like that; touch God directly, and you will have no need of them.’"