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Core Values

Understanding that reality is driven by the value assigned to different things carries with it the understanding that there must be something, one thing, that an individual values above everything else within the context of their existence. This is known as a core value.

There are 3 main brackets within which every possible core value falls under: bidirectional apprehension, forwards-rationalized apprehension, and backwards-rationalized apprehension. Bidirectional apprehension has a few variants which different core values are derived from, whereas there is a whole pool of forwards and backwards-rationalized core values which can be either, based on the perspective and context the individual is using as a reference frame when deriving value from their core value, however are clearly distinguishable from bidirectional apprehension variants due to their inherent quality to be either forward-facing or backward-facing but not account for a broader perspective of both simultaneously.

A very important point to keep in mind is that with every imperfect core value, there is equal if not greater force for the positively-oriented focus to conversely manifest itself as its negative counterpart. I'll talk about several possible common forwards and backwards-rationalized apprehension based core values and then break down each bidirectional apprehension variant all the way up to the most powerful core value possible of refined pure bidirectional apprehension.

It's important to understand that the technical strength of a core value isn't intended to be stating that every individual should aim for the strongest core value. Each person has their own life with their own goals, path, obstacles, and luck, and it very well may not necessarily be suitable for every individual to pursue having a more powerful core value. It's up to the individual to look at themselves and the way they live their life and determine if they think there's good reason for them to want to change the way they think and how exactly they believe they should go about doing so.

Guidance from someone very experienced in this area such as myself may be helpful to people who decide they definitely want to change their core value, but in the end it's always up to the individual to decide themselves if they truly believe they want to change their life in the first place. Without sufficient willpower and receptivity to changing, even the most experienced cannot change a person.

Forwards and Backwards-Rationalized Apprehension

There are many core values that when considered in simple terms resolve to a backwards or forwards-rationalized apprehension-based core value. These can be things such as:

This isn't to say that you shouldn't seek these things or enjoy them in a general sense. Rather, it means that valuing any of them the most in your life leads to a weak mindset. Generally speaking, the stronger your core value is, the more of these lower level attributes you'll be able to acquire, and do so with greater ease than otherwise.

Since the foundation of the mentality of these people is much weaker than that of those in the bidirectional apprehension bracket, they are much less likely to become considerably successful in life if they retain their existing core value and don't progress to at least some bidirectional apprehension variant. This very well may still be sufficient for them to meet their personal goals and achieve the lifestyle they desire, which is why as mentioned earlier it's inaccurate to make the assertion that every person must strengthen their core value.

It takes considerably more willpower to obtain and maintain a core value within the bidirectional apprehension bracket, so those that are more careless or perhaps even just less driven towards greatness in life in general will remain here. Since nobody is simply born with exceptional critical thinking abilities, one is always born thinking within the constraints of this tier of core values and must actively work to break free from it and progress to a bidirectional apprehension variant if they truly wish to grow mentally as a person, at least from a technical perspective. Otherwise, one can go through their whole life never actually considerably improving mentally as a person.

Growing or changing as a person doesn't mean you're actually improving your mindset from a technical perspective, it just means you may be thinking about different things or trying harder when you think about them; this doesn't necessarily mean you're doing a better job at thinking in general or that you're actually applying the things you're thinking about into the way you live your life.

Cold Indirect Bidirectional Apprehension

Cold Bidirectional Apprehension

Warm Bidirectional Apprehension

Unrefined Pure Bidirectional Apprehension

Refined Pure Bidirectional Apprehension

Refined pure bidirectional apprehension put into more simple terms can be best described as completely clearheaded objectively quantifiable maturity. You could also call it pure love, but that's very confusing and vague-sounding for a lot of people and probably ends up sounding to most like some hippy shit as opposed to the true meaning of how powerful it actually is.

If you believe it to not be the strongest core value, that simply serves to demonstrate the extent to which your core value is akratic and distant from it.

The result is someone that is definitely ultimately unbreakable at a core level.